brands to life. Shaping

Askvig is a creative consulting agency specializing in bringing brands, their stories and experiences to life. As a hybrid strategic and creative partner, we understand and shape decisions that connect people and brands.

Small but mighty

We see ourselves as a vital part of the future of marketing. In today’s world, businesses need to adapt and move fast. Collaboration, transparency and agility allow us to work quickly and efficient, enabling us to see problems from different angles, and create captivating experiences across platforms and spaces. At Askvig strategists are creative and creatives are strategic. This means we don’t need huge teams of people to create the best solutions. We just need the right people.

Nordic heart and global mind

We specialise in customize and personalize global campaigns for the danish, finnish, swedish and norwegian markets. We translate the concept – not just the words. We create content which resonates locally, still sticking to the global brand guidelines. No matter where it’s viewed – a campaign should look and feel the same while being adapted to the nuances of each individual market.

We believe in community

We thrive when we get to team up with our clients! We take pride in specializing in your business and target audience. We listen to your ideas, opinions, and beliefs. Even the smallest insight can inspire a powerful story. We also have experience in working with agency partners – and to complement rather than compete. When we work together, our clients get the best of everything and each one brings something unique to the table.

Storytellers at heart

At Askvig, we tell stories. We believe that a great told story is the foundation of a strong brand experience. Stories take people on a journey, they have the potential to break through and make genuine connections. We help you to engage with your customers – to define what story to tell, how to design it, push it, extend it – and stay true to it.