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Case / Balder
Balder owns, develops and manages residential properties in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom and Germany.

What we did
Pre-study / Insight platform / Brand platform / Design platform / Naming / Design applications / Activation tools / Design implementation

We were asked to develop concept and communication for a new housing development project in the Copenhagen suburb Høje Taastrup. The aim was to ensure a clear positioning in a highly competitive market.

We researched the areas local history and explored the suburbs present ambitions as a modern and thoughtfully planned urban neighbourhood. Through insights into the modern families hopes, dreams and requirements for a new home and neighbourhood created the base for a creative approach for a strong and relevant story.


We built a story rooted in the intersection of the areas rich agricultural history and the modern and highly functionalistic approach of the architecture and urban planning.

Name, identity and a cross-media concept were developed to reflect this: The logo is based on a stylized axis drawn in a retangular and functionalist idiom. Visuals and copy are sensoric and tactile – and reflect the functional needs as well as the dreams of future inhabitants.

As part of our strategy, we also chose to communicate Balder as the sender and endorser for the project, helping Balder take a stronger position in the market.

Oprindeligt var en ager et stykke dyrket jord der hørte til én gård / In old times, an acer (ager) was the amount of land needed to support a family.