A facelift
and a unified
brand and image

A strategy
to bring in extra visitors,
create a buzz and
generate more publicity

Client / Ordrupgaard Museum
Ordrupgaard is a state-owned art museum situated near Jægersborg Dyrehave, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The museum houses one of Northern Europe’s most considerable collections of Danish and French art from the 19th and beginning of the 20th century

Our Involvement
Pre-study / Insight platform / Updated brand platform / Design platform / Design applications / Brand activation / Design implementation

Nestled north of Copenhagen, Ordrupgaard Museum boasts some of the finest French Impressionist art and Danish art from the Golden Age – exhibited in architectual gems by Zaha Hadid and Finn Juhl. The museum needed an updated and unified branding and communication platform aligned to the demands of an evolving cultural landscape, digital media and the need to expand and reach more diverse visitor profiles.


Based on indepth analysis of Ordrupgaard Museum and the market they operate in, we facilitated an insight based workshop with key members of the organization. This resulted in common understanding of target audience as well as the possibilities and challenges the museum faced. The result was a rethinking and alignment of the museums core values and how they are brougt to life.


A brand and communication strategy rooted in the unique extrasensory and enriching experience of Ordrupgaard Museum. A strategy that accounts for –  and encompasses – new and existing vistors and rises to the challenge of creating a strong voice and expression for a unique museum.

We created a minimalist yet welcoming design, focused on the experience of art and developed a flexible visual identity enabling the museum to stage everything from the small design detail of the doorbell on Finn Juhls house to the all encompassing extrasensory experience of Olafur Eliassons installation. A solution based on relevant and consistent brand values meant it was easily brougt to life in words, videos, content, print, visuals, events and exhibitions.