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Book and magazine design

Editorial design
Designing newspapers, magazines and books has become particularly challenging as digital takes over most of our communications. While we must learn to adapt our concepts to various screen sizes, paper will always be an essential medium for creative expression.

From concept and forward planning through to design, writing and layout, we’re there to support our clients every step of the way, with a fully comprehensive design service.

We have years of experience and see ourselves as your editorial partner, striving for written and visual synergies that can only be achieved in close cooperation with the publisher or content team.

Whether it’s an annual report, white paper or a magazine, our speciality is creating engaging content that are presented beautifully and capture your readers hearts and minds.


Recent highlights:
We produce Retail+, a quarterly member magazine of Retail Institute Scandinavia. We have revitalised the magazine and helped it appeal to a whole new audience, without alienating existing readers.