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Combining swedish
heritage with deep
customer insight _

Client / Balder
Balder owns, develops and manages residential properties in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom and Germany.

Our Involvement
Pre-study / Insight platform / Brand platform / Design platform / Design applications / Activation tools / Design implementation

Balder contacted Askvig with a request to adjust and develop their communication and visual identity for the danish market. The challenge was to find a unifying expression when communicating in Denmark, to ensure a relevant and unique position.


We facilitated an insight based workshop with key members of the organization uncovering the relevant factors in adapting the company’s Swedish concept to suit the Danish market. This resulted in a communication concept and identity platform rooted in Balder’s Swedish heritage, tailored – not only to the Danish market – but also to their Danish organization and their ambitions.

A strong, compelling brand story and visual identity which reflects the heart and soul of Balder in Denmark. Based on a branding concept called “Welcome home”, we wanted to put tenants at the centre. The concept is centred around the idea that with Balder as a landlord, you get more than just an apartment – you get a home.

We created a warm and welcoming design, heavily influenced by Balder’s scandinavian origin. Swedish landscapes, norse runes, dark forests, white snow and red wooden cottages get an evident voice in Balder’s identity. Simplicity combined with inspiration from nature creates a warm strain of modernism. A unique aesthetic that separates from other property management companies.

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